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Promote ecomobility and make
your company more eco-responsible.

What are the benefits,
in concrete terms?

Bénéfices Ecomode

You make your company, products and services visible to a wide range of users.
Target: 15,000 users in 2022 – 60,000 users in 2025

Reach new markets
You’re listed on our app, which covers all 37 districts in the Toulouse metropolitan area.

Commitment to a low-carbon approach 
You contribute to the decarbonisation of the region or, by the end of 2023:

  • 26 million kms
  • 2 600 tonnes of CO2eq
  • 1million litres of fuel

You have total control over what you publish and are free to customise your offers as you like.

Avantages Ecomode

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