Ecomode Application

Ecomode is a mobile application that provides users with:

  • A way to search for low-carbon alternatives to personal fossil fuel car use for all their trips;
  • A dynamic eco-calculator to measure their mobility carbon footprint;
  • A loyalty system that rewards eco-friendly behavior through proposed services and benefits with associated local and national stores.
No, the mobile application is free and available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Yes, you can. But for now, the app is not able to download proof of use of this kind of vehicle for your trips and you cannot earn Ecomode points.
You can use Ecomode anywhere in the Toulouse metropolitan area as long as one of the proposed mobility services is accessible.
If you travel with Tisséo, you must have an active Pastel card (at least one trip made with the card) filled with your ticket or your subscription. In this case, you will benefit Ecomode points. However, if you don’t have a Pastel card, you cannot get Ecomode points.
As of today, the Ecomode application is available only for the “ligne C” (Arènes -Colomiers) with a Tisséo validation.

Ecomode rewards passengers who use Karos for their daily trips. As a driver, you are actively participating in reducing emissions, solo-driving and congestion. For this, you are rewarded directly by Karos and not by Ecomode.

Since both Karos and Écomode are beneficiaries of the CEE (Certificats d’Économies d’Énergie) program, drivers cannot be rewarded twice under the same program.

The rewards catalogue is accessible through the Ecomode shop tab.

Oui. Vous pouvez vous abonner au service VélÔToulouse directement sur velo.toulouse.fr.

Please refer to the RGPD notice up to date on the app: Profil > Settings > Notice RGPD.

Only employers who are Ecomode partners through membership in the Ecomode association are listed in the application. If you want your employer to join Ecomode, please redirect them to the following page: https://www.ecomode.fr/en/partners/employer/.

No, your Ecomode points or store credits are personal and not transferable.

The application is available in French and English. You can change the language in the user profile section. For the moment, the Ecomode store is only available in French.

This is the goal of the project and at the core of its selection by the French government in the Energy Savings Certificates Program. First tested as a proof of concept in Toulouse, it may be duplicated in other cities in France and later abroad.

When you register for the Ecomode store, you must use a different email address than the one used for your Clubéo account.

For Tisséo, Karos and Uwinbike, the connection time is 5 minutes. For Vélo Toulouse, it is 7 days.

Yes, the processing time for proofs of ride is 24 hours. Your Uwinbike ride this morning will not be visible on your Ecomode account until tomorrow morning. The synchronization will then take place overnight. It is the same delay for Karos. For Tisséo, the processing time for proofs of ride is also 24 hours, but the synchronization takes place from 16:00 each day. However, for VélôToulouse, if you make a trip today, it will be visible on your account only in 7 days.

To link your Pastel card to your Ecomode account, you must create a loyalty account on Clubéo: https://clubeo.tisseo.fr/. This is essential for us to be able to calculate your carbon footprint and credit you with Ecomode Points for each of your trips on the Tisséo network. If you already have a Clubéo account, you must enter the same Pastel Card number and date of birth in your Clubéo account as you do in Ecomode.

  1. Attach a mobility service to your Ecomode account;
  2. Go to the “Market” section of the application;
  3. Copy and paste your customer number;
  4. Fill in the registration form by using a different email address than the one used on your Clubéo account;
  5. Confirm the registration by clicking on the activation link received by email at the address you provided.